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Whether you are low on credits or a few credits short, AEWC can be your pathway to graduation and a high school diploma!!

Turn the dream of walking down the aisle with cap and gown into a reality.
Many students thought it was too late for them, but after an orientation they realized graduation was within their reach.
Come choose the diploma pathway that is right for you.

How do I enroll?

Enrollment in the AEWC program is completed at individual AEWC Sites.

Students interested in the program should contact the AEWC Site closest to them for specific details about testing and orientation meetings.

Enrollment is taken throughout the year, however, students are enrolled based on available space.

The program operates on a year round schedule.



Are you 16-18 years old?

Are you out of school?

Do you want your high school diploma?

Do you want more options for your future?





What is AEWC and how does it work?

  • AEWC is an independent study program that provides dropouts with an alternative way to earn a high school diploma.
  • Students are assigned courses and coursework based on transcript evaluation and demonstrated competencies.
  • Students are responsible for meeting with teachers and completing required course work.
  • Students complete the majority of their coursework independently and have access to the AEWC study centers when they need assistance.
  • Work is submitted as scheduled by the teacher.
  • Students must make adequate academic progress to remain in the program.

Is AEWC right for me?

Answer these questions: YES NO
1) I am 16-18 years old.
2) I can work independently on school work and complete a minimum of 20 hours of school work a week.
3) I can be responsible for attending meetings with my teacher and turning my work in on time.
4) I can motivate myself to read and complete my work even when other things compete for my attention.
5) I am committed to graduating.

If you answered YES to all five questions, then AEWC might be right for you.

Latasha Hawthorne, Specialist


(213) 241-3154- Office

Students Striving to Succeed!

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Congrats, Graduates!

AEWC Grads

They walked across the stage, each creating a new path for life’s possibilities!


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